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with detachable control units

Operating concept Fully integrated Centrix control unit for all operation modes inclusive MeggerBook Cable Dual system operation with detachable control units: Teleflex SX for fault location, laptop for VLF testing, diagnostics and MeggerBook Cable
Single phased system for small vans < 3.5 t
Fault Location
VLF Testing
tanDelta & PD Diagnostics
Operating system and software    
Display 21.5" Multitouch 1920 x 1080 Full HD TFX SX Reflectometer: 10.4" Touch 1024 x 768
Notebook: 15.6" 1366 x 768
Operation with 4 choosable inputs
(touch display, JogDial, keyboard and mouse)
Multi touchscreen, JogDial, keyboard, mouse Touchscreen, JogDial, keyboard, mouse
Operating system Linux TFX SX Reflectometer: Linux
Notebook: Windows 7 or higher
Memory 8 GB RAM 2 GB RAM
TDR measurement 3-phase (optional) 2-phase (with detachable Teleflex SX)
Workflow oriented GUI
Remote operation -

Unique features of this system:

Special features    
5 test voltages
(DC, VLF Sin, VLF CR, DAC, Rectangular)
3 excitation voltages for PD diagnostics
50 Hz / 60 Hz Slope, DAC, VLF Sinus
VLF testing up to 20 km cable with 0.1 Hz
(5.5 µF @ 36 kVrms)
Van integrated PD coupler up to 62 kV sin / 60 kV CR
Insulation test up to 5 kV
DC testing up to 45 kV
HV prelocation with inductive filter
Reflectometer with 400 MHz sampling rate
Arc reflection measurement with 15 traces per shot
Fully integraded power burner up to 750 mA
Sheath fault location up to 20 kV DC
Emergency control with notebook
Li-Ion battery power supply
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